Sizing & Weight Recommendations (Blankets only)

The smallest of our blankets are the Lap/Neck blankets; measuring 45x65cm and available in 1.5kg and 2kg.  The weighted lap blankets are more portable, great for use in schools, hospitals, during travel or at home.  Alternatively order yourself a body sized weighted blanket, recommendations shown above. 

Please note that I do not make standard bed sized blankets as weighted blankets are designed to fit the body as close as possible in order for the user to fully benefit from the evenly distributed weight. 

Calculating the weight required for your weighted body blanket

Using the following formula, calculate 10% of your ideal body weight + 500 grams.

(E.g 60kg in body weight would require 6.5kg blanket weight)

Please consult your OT or other professional to ensure this formula is s suitable for your child. 

** Not recommended for use on 3 years and under**

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